- A mobile app that lets you stream adult content discreetly from anywhere.

An app that lets you stream adult content audio straight to your phone, discreetly. Listen to your favorite adult content while at work or public areas without worrying about being tracked.

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Listen Now, Watch Later

We all have our secrets, Moan App is designed to protect YOU. Our team has worked hard to develop an app that lets you enjoy adult content, anywhere. Without having to worry about being caught, tracked or judged.

  • Stream Adult Audio Discreetly

    Player server domain handshakes will be rotated monthly, making untraceable and unbannable from work routers.

  • High Quality Content

    Our team is handpicking only the best adult content and converting it into audio, guaranteed to give you braingasm.

  • Bookmark then Watch the Video

    You like the current Moan you're listening to? Quickly bookmark it and you can watch video version later... during your private hours.

  • Dual Audio Channel

    Play Moan on the LEFT channel, then play Mozart on the RIGHT channel, just incase someone wants to know what you're listening to.


Moan's high quality library ranges from complete audio port of your favorite adult videos, to passion stories and high quality audio recording made exclusively for Moan App


Soft and sexy moans to your ears.


Female only moaning.


What does Wonderwoman sound like in bed?

Dirty Talk

Nothing hotter than a girl that talks dirty.


Japanese, Spanish, Russian, and many others.

Stimulating Stories

Stimulate your senses with hundreds of provocative stories of passion, fantasy and lust.

Use Public or Work Wi-fi Freely

Since all the data goes through the app, your work's router can only track the address of the initial server handshakes. The server names will be transparent and will be changed periodically. Making the perfect platform to enjoy your adult content.

  • No Browser History - Don't need to erase anything.
  • Generic App Icon - Looks normal and non-descriptive.
  • App Lock - Option to Enable / Disable password login.
  • Dual Audio - Play Moan on one ear and Music on the other ear.


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